Wednesday 13 March 2013

All in the Leaves - a review.

My first novel is written and is currently undergoing editing, to polish it to perfection - I hope!
It should be on sale later in the year.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to read a review from one of my early readers. I was so excited to read this, that I had to share it with you!

Review by Marie Burkhardt

All in the Leaves by Pat Elliott

As you read the story of Anna, you are reminded that life with all its hardships and pain is worth the effort; that to love, lose, and love again is possible; and that if we can recognize when doors are opening to us, and if we will walk through them to the other side, our lives can be fuller, richer, more exciting and meaningful.

Anna's life is safe, but prosaic.  She lives with doting parents and pals around with best friend Chloe, who has her own issues, especially with men. Anna would love to have a man of her own and it seems that is all her life needs, but when her mother puts her in touch with the gentle but wise Barb, Anna learns from a tea cup reading that along with someone to love, she needs purpose.  

Barb instructs her to say yes to opportunities, so Anna agrees to do just that, promising to say yes for the next year to everything presented to her by life, as long as no harm or danger is involved.   As the pages turn, you will find Anna learning new job skills, travelling with Chloe in search of locations for a new business venture, and meeting wonderful new friends.

Brace yourself for some sharp twists and turns as more than one man weaves in and out of Anna's life.  Watch for some delightful moments as Anna's parents stand by her through trying times, happy times and emotional growth.  And don't be surprised if, as you cheer Anna on, you find yourself looking around the corner for your own opportunities.  Anna reminds us that they might be there just waiting!


  1. Okay, I'm hooked! Let me know when it's ready for purchase! What a great review!

  2. Thanks, Robin!
    Its really strange reading a review of something you've written, because you're so close to it. To stand back and see it as someone else does, feels as if I'm in some time warp! :) xx

  3. This sounds definitely interesting !

  4. Great review! Intriguing!

  5. I have been lucky enough to read this wonderful work It truly keeps o hooked, wanting to know, you feel part of the story, like Anna and Chloe are friends of your own and Barb well she reminds me a lot of her creator ;-) It is wonderful and a fabulous read Thank you Pat

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed reading 'It's All in the Leaves' Pat. A fantastic read, I'm looking forward to knowing what the leaves will forecast for Chloe. This could develop into a marathon series!!


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