Friday, 21 June 2013

My novel - an update

Good morning friends.

What's been happening here? While my painting self has been taking part in a painting-a-day challenge for June (see HERE) my writing self has also been busy editing my novel, All in the Leaves.

Firstly, I edit a chapter, then it passes over to hubby for a continuity check and then it goes to the proper editor who scours it for all anomalies and sends it back to me, marked up in colour, ready for me to change again.
Honestly, it does feel as if writing was the easy part and this is the perfectionist slog.

The exciting news was that I spoke to Matt at ebookpartnership, who was as helpful as can be - and he gave me a quote for getting my novel formatted as an e-book,  and distributing it to all major retailers.
All in the Leaves should be available to purchase before Christmas - as long as we three keep plugging away at the edit.

How do I fit all this in? Honestly, I've given up watching the tv!  I've read lots of articles from other writers, talking of the anti social element of writing. I can see how easy it would be to become aloof from friends. Writing and editing is so very time consuming. I hope when you all get to read my book that you think it was worth it. I hope I think it was worth it!

Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing.


  1. A lot of work is involved, interesting to read! Lots of success!

  2. Thanks, Judy. There's more work involved than I realised at the start of writing. However, I am tenacious - so I'll keep on until it's done :) x

  3. Looking foeward to reading the fruits of all your labor (of love!)

  4. I'm looking forward to you being able to, Robin :) xx


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