Thursday, 6 February 2014

It's Time to Talk Day

Today it's Time to Talk Day.
see HERE

so, we'll do just that. Talk.
I live with someone who has Clinical Depression.
It's not contagious, it won't hurt you. My husband won't hurt you.
I'm no saint, just a girl in love with a boy.
I have physical health issues, he has mental health issues.
The important thing is we're in LOVE! 

We have to have a life of routine to help keep him stable.
Pretty much all of things we know we should be doing.
Eight hours sleep, good food, plenty of daylight.
That's not all, he has to take medication too.

We laugh a lot, we cry a lot, we play with our dog, we watch films.
I'd like to say we go to restaurants, but we don't.
Want to know why? It's because I have a life threatening allergy.
There's no shame in that.
NOR is there any shame in my husband having an illness.

Today is Time to Talk day. Talk to someone you know with a mental illness. Have a cuppa and a chat!

You may just make the best friend you've EVER had.


  1. Aw Pat... this is a beautifully written, poignant post. You're a truly remarkable person.

    1. Thank you, Katherine. I don't feel remarkable, just a girl in love with a boy xx

  2. Lovely post, Pat. If only people could understand that a life threatening allergy is no different to a life threatening mental illness. Just as invisible until it's too late. Thank you for sharing and I wish you both a wonderful life xxx

    1. Thanks Amanda. There is no difference of course, but there is a huge stigma attached to mental illness - and I hope that today's post and the whole Time To Talk Day was a success in removing some of that stigma.
      Thank you for your kind wishes. x

  3. What a wonderful post. I hope people read it and really think on it. You are an amazing woman and are both so lucky you found each other. x

    1. Thank you, Stephie. I hope people can think on it, too. We are indeed lucky to have found each other xxxx


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