Friday, 23 January 2015

Dealing with the January blues, the lovely Paddy and some Chloe news!

It's January, traditionally a cold month and the month in which so many feel blue. Summer feels a long way off.
So how do you cope with the blues?
Here, we wrap up warm and take Paddy for long walks. Plus, we make sure we have a treat to look forward to.
Of course, there are days when Paddy would prefer to stay under the duvet..

but by mid morning he is ready to be out and about, even if he doesn't look deliriously happy about it. He certainly benefits from it - and so do we.

Keep moving is a way to fight the blues. So is laughing - and one of my Christmas presents is coming in handy there, the box set of 'Open All Hours'. The shenanigans of Arkwright never fail to make me laugh.

Plus, we're planning our first trip of the year in the folding camper

Sandringham is looking like the favourite... well, if it's good enough for the Queen... :-)

I am also writing some more to the third in the Leaves series... The house in the Leaves. Chapter Two is almost finished.
If you haven't read the first two books yet, give them a go. You can find a list of suppliers HERE

oh and there's something else to look forward to... The Chloe Tote Bag... these will be coming to a giveaway near you, very soon.... I will keep you informed!


  1. Nice the Paddy's image under the duvet :) xx Arianna

  2. Sounds like you're coping well with the winter blues!


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