Saturday, 31 October 2015

On my wall, the amazingly talented Kim!

Today I picked up a couple of paintings that I'd had professionally framed.
Do you remember when we were raising funds for Lottie to have a dance wheelchair? The amazingly talented Kim Lintern donated some of her paintings to help raise funds.
When I saw these two included in the sale, I had to have them.. and today they came back to me and are on my wall..

Trying to photograph them was proving tricky, due to reflections  -

So I popped them on the floor, on the patterned rug to give me contrast, then cropped the final picture..

So now you have a better idea of the beautiful work, hanging on my wall.

If you'd like to see more of Kim's art, you can visit here website HERE
or connect with her on Twitter  - @kimlinternart


  1. Aren't you the lucky one! Beautiful!

  2. Very good's no simple to photograph with glass! Arianna


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