Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Equilibrium, Coffee and Kilts.

Hello friends,
here I am, making online visits at six a.m. I am still trying to find an equilibrium in this new life in Scotland.
Outdoors here is so beautiful, as you can see in the pictures below, that at every possible opportunity, I want to be outside.

Plus, we found a little cafe in Cupar, called "Coffee and Kilts" where they allow you to bring your dog!
So after a walk in the countryside, all three of us can pop in for refreshment. In one of the photos, you'll see two bowls behind Paddy, one with water - and one with biscuits!
The human food is pretty delicious too. 

Because my outdoor life has been so enjoyable, it seems to be that I've neglected my internet life. I don't mean to, but there's so much here to do! I've also joined a new art club, which allows me to go along five days a week, should I so choose.
I will find a balance, because I've no wish to lose the online friends I've made; plus I've a book to finish, which is written online. Maybe I should take the netbook to the coffee shop. An internet cafe writer I would be ;-) 


  1. I am really happy for you that you enjoy your new life so much, Pat! Equilibrium will come eventually, I am still looking for it in a way since my move three years ago.

  2. Internet cafe writer sounds good to me! So glad to hear you are enjoying your new life. ♥♥♥

  3. I really do enjoy it here, Judy. It was the best move we ever made! Is it three years since your move? That seems like yesterday in some ways. I'm sure you and I both will find that balance. Take care xx

  4. Thanks Robin. New life is so lovely to me, it's amazing. But if I became a cafe writer, I might end up the size of a house!


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