Thursday, 31 January 2013

Why I paint.

Why do I paint?

When I first became a reflexologist, I looked for something to fill my spare time whilst I built the business up. Being so used to a busy work week in publishing, time hanging on my hands was the last thing I wanted.
Scouring local adult colleges, I found a watercolour painting class for beginners.

This was the beginning of a love of painting, watercolour in particular.
As my business got busier, I moved from painting in the daytime to an evening art club type lesson. I go there once a week, we are free to follow the demo or to paint our own thing. Usually, my own thing is what gets painted!

Painting takes me to another place. A place where things are calm and time doesn't exist. I can lose myself in painting and time flies by.
That's especially useful when you are seeing sick people daily.
I know from when hubby was ill, that you need time away from anything illness related in order to recharge your batteries. The time away is essential for the carer of a sick person. If you have ever looked after a sick person long term, you know the truth of it. Without that time away, you are prone to becoming run down, even to the point of depression. You will know too, that friends and even family drop by the way, as they find it too difficult to witness. Having something social to go to is literally, a life saver.

That's why I paint. Because I used to care for an injured husband.
To read about his injury, see my earlier post on why I'm a reflexologist.
I continue to paint because I care about my reflexology people.
Painting refreshes my soul, allowing me to give of my best.
Its crucial for me.

I love watercolour painting.
The bonus that other people might love my paintings is fabulous.
I enjoy seeing people happy. If my paintings do that, I'm over the moon.
The fact that I've sponsored many kennels at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the rescue where Missy was housed, by commissioned dog paintings, gladdens my heart.

Painting. Pure joy.

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  1. Dear Pat - took time to read all three of your new posts. What a story friend and what a leap of faith as well. I am so glad to get to know you and I certainly am thankful your hubby is doing well. God Bless- P.S. signed up to follow this blog as well.

  2. Isn’t it great when you find solace in something that makes your heart sing? I know what you mean about caring long term for someone with an ‘illness’. Recharging your ‘batteries’ is essential. :)

  3. Dear Pat:) What a lovely story, told from the heart. A lot of it I recognize. Your paintings make me happy indeed! Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)

  4. Dear Pat, what a wonderful new blog you started! I was moved to tears to read the story about your hubby. I loved to read a little more about the person behind the paintings. I was thinking about starting a blog like this, when my move is over. All the best, my friend!

  5. Thanks Debbie, Robin, Renate and Judy.

    I am so glad you're all enjoying this new blog. Delighted to hear it has touched you all xx


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