Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Interrupting the summer break

to tell you that my first book of short stories is now available on Kobo's bookstore for the princely sum of 1.99p!

You can find it HERE

If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it!

I, of course, am ridiculously excited at this dipping of toes into the water that is the self-publishing world!

Right, back to my hols...


  1. Have you thought about loading it to Smashwords? Happy to format it for you to get through the autovetter. I've downloaded a kobo app so I can download this, but if you sold via smashwords it would be available for kindle, nook etc and will appear on Barnes and Noble, iBook etc (though not Amazon - you have to load that seperately, but it isn't hard).

    1. Thanks, Amanda. Have made a profile on Smashwords and done an 'Interview'. Am currently working my way through the uploading an epub and checking out tax liabilities for a UK resident using a US site! Will definitely come to you if I get stuck. xx


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