Saturday, 27 July 2013

Short Stories, a review and a Summer Break

I was so busy yesterday that I never got a chance to blog!
This is because I've been doing two very important things.

Firstly, I've been working with my reflexology people in advance of my summer break. I get to spend the month of August with my hubby, because he's on leave from college, where he works as a lecturer. We spend the time doing couple things and enjoying each other's company. Mostly the computer stays off.

Secondly, I've been putting together a book of short stories!
I'm hoping to have it out before my novel All in the Leaves gets published.
The title of the book of shorts is 'At Sanctuary's Gate.'
I've had a few people reading, editing and reviewing for me - and I thank them for their time.
Author Amanda Martin (Baby Blues and Wedding Shoes, Dragon Wraiths) read them for me and gave me her thoughts:
"Evocative imagery, unusual viewpoints and heart warming tales, At Sanctuary's Gate has it all. Each story packs a punch in a short space of time and leaves you thinking."

Here's the cover image for you to enjoy. 

I may get a chance to visit here and there, if not, see you in Sept!

PS: You can find Amanda's blog here 
and her Twitter account HERE


  1. Thanks for the mention, Pat, and I hope your short stories do well. You've inspired me to dig out a few of mine: a short story compilation might nicely bridge the gap between Baby Blues and Class Act and seeing as I'm currently in an editing frame of mind...
    Have a fantastic summer break, I hope there is still some good weather coming (though I think it might be museums And art galleries for the first week of August, judging by the forecast!)

    1. Thanks, Amanda! Funnily enough I was discussing a museum visit with a friend not twenty minutes ago. Tate Modern. Arty stuff, you know :)

  2. Hi Pat, first congratulations with the cover of your book, it is lovely and I like the colors. I hope you will have a great August holiday with your husband. Husband needs also some attention and care he! Enjoy and have a fantastic time.

    1. They do need some attention, Cora - and luckily I enjoy his company too :)
      Thanks for your good wishes xx

  3. How exciting. I always knew you were a talented artist, but also a writer. I envy you Pat. Have a nice Summer break.

    1. Thanks, Betty. I've got the short stories coming out soon and soon after, a full length novel! Summer break will include some work on them!

  4. Oh boy! Another book to look forward to! Have a lovely holiday. See you in the fall.

  5. Yes, won't be long now.. and then they'll come along like buses, Robin - always in pairs :) Will definitely enjoy the break .


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