Friday, 12 July 2013

Sun and Memories

Wonderful weather we're having here in the UK. It even influenced my paintings, as you can see HERE

Spare a thought for those who suffer with hayfever - because the pollen is meant to be very high.
I remember when I took my end of year exams, I was allowed to take in a box of tissues, I sneezed so much! Thankfully, I seem to have grown out of the awful hayfever symptoms. Now and then I'll get the itchy eyes, as if it wants to remind me that it could make its presence felt again, should it care to.

Hayfever had me reminiscing - what else have I grown out of?
One springs to mind, my favourite polka dot dress! It was white with red dots. How I used to love twirling as a five year old in that dress, with my long blonde hair flying out too. The movement entranced me. Even now, a swishy skirt will make me smile and take me back to more innocent, joyful times.

Do you have something simple that makes you smile? Would love to hear about it!

Of course, if I'd had this blog post planned, I could have drawn a lovely pic of a girl in a floaty polka dot dress with blonde hair flying. But planned it was not - so no related painting. Instead, you can have a lovely flower from my garden.
Another simple pleasure which make me smile - flowers! No wonder I like to paint them.


  1. Well, you took me back there too Pat, I used to have a white dress with red polkas on it too! I was about 10yrs old, the red polkas were sort of felt like, if I remember correctly. I horrified an Aunt by travelling in a dumper truck to a building site driven by my Uncle wearing that dress...oh Succhhh Funnn...My Aunt's face, I can see it now!!!

    1. Who knew there was more than one of those dresses, Ann? ;)
      I can imagine your aunt's face, without ever having met her!

  2. What brings a smile to my face? Hearing children laugh! No matter whose children or where it is, it always makes me smile! There is no better sound in the world!


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