Friday, 5 July 2013

June Paintings and a shift in Focus.

We're in July - and normally I would publish a post showing you all of my June Paintings, in case you missed them on my painting blog.

In June, I took part in a Challenge to paint every day - and I produced a painting a day for the whole of June. If I post all thirty paintings, this post will go on forever! If you'd like to see the paintings, take a look at my other blog HERE
There are five posts with June paintings, one post each week.
The post a week taught me its a good schedule, so that will continue, there and here. Art on Monday, Life on Friday. 

Now that the Challenge is done, what's next for me?
Now my focus is more on my novel, All in the Leaves. Two days after finishing the June Challenge, I finished the first edit of the whole novel. The second edit is quarter of the way through. The third and final edit is one fifth completed. Second and third are not being done by me - all I have to do is rewrite any mistakes that are found.
For light relief, I am visiting your blogs and leaving comments. I need to be out there in the blog community again. Thanks for bearing with me.

Missy is doing well. She's fifteen and a half now, thoroughly enjoys her walks and meeting new people. She does sleep a fair bit too, but at her great age, she's entitled. Here's a recent pic of her for you to enjoy.


  1. Missy looks wonderfully well for her age! I so admire you, writing a novel, no less. Wonderful. I'll hop over to your other blog to catch up with your paintings! xx

  2. Exciting news about the novel. Can’t wait to ‘get my hands on it’! (♥♥♥ the pic of Missy!)


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