Sunday, 29 December 2013

A woman of letters...... and a Missy Christmas

Good morning friends!

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?

I have to tell you, one of my presents confirmed that I'm a woman of letters now :)

This is it - a wonderful box frame, with scrabble letters, that spell out all my interests - plus the Series name of my novels - 'The Leaves Series'
All in the Leaves is the first and on sale, now. HERE

Missy had a lovely Christmas too. She had quite a few presents to open - but some of the photos ended up blurry - as you can imagine, when trying to photograph an eager jack russell!

So I'll simply post these few, to give you a flavour ...

Thanks to all who sent our darling girl presents and good wishes.
A happy New Year to you all .


  1. What a clever gift! Aren't you the lucky one! Looks like Missy had a good Christmas too! Happy New Year!!

  2. Your little box gift is so unusual! And I am glad little Missy enjoyed her Christmas.
    Algie spent Christmas Day with 6 other family dogs so chaos reigned supreme but he was so good.
    Have a wonderful new Year dear friend!
    June xxx


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