Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Time for tea, time for leaves... and a roller or two!

I've been in my summerhouse quite a lot recently.

This is my view on the inside

and my view of the outside

Yes, the blinds are down - which means I'm busy, writing.
It only closes out the side which looks back to the house. The side which looks on to the farm is open.

The tea artwork is to inspire me to keep on with The Leaves Series.

Book two, which is 'Leaves For Chloe' now stands at 90,000 words.
The target is 100,000 - so you can see how close I am.
When the target is reached, it will go off to the editor.
Hopefully, those of you who enjoyed 'All in the Leaves' won't have to wait too long for the story of Chloe's life.
For anyone new to my books - All in the Leaves is on the side bar of this blog - and all three books in the series can be read independently! 

And for those of you who loved hubby's woodwork, he also made these for me.
Two foot rollers, to keep my own feet supple! The smaller of the two is bespoke to my size foot. Dainty, aren't I? :)


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