Monday, 6 October 2014

A good deed - a happy experience and a support network.

Yesterday one of our neighbours moved out from our road.
They didn't want to leave, but the landlord had sold the house and given them notice. They had decided to self move and had hired a pantechnicon!
On the day, there were just two loading the van, so hubby and I went over to help.

In one of the coffee breaks we took, we were talking about what we might be doing if we weren't loading vans. I mentioned writing and painting - and then my neighbour announced he'd taken up writing for the last four weeks!
His friend who was helping, said he wrote too - and also created computer generated art. 

So we discussed grammar, punctuation, ideas, courses and websites!
We exchanged email addresses and will be sharing art and writing experiences.

So one good deed has led to an unexpected network of support, for all three of us.

If you had predicted that would happen on Sunday morning, I would have laughed. There we are, though, it actually happened. One of life's happy experiences.


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