Monday, 13 October 2014

Creative wood, a tea party and the handsome Paddy

A little while ago, I showed you some bowls that hubby had made in wood.

This weekend he made some more wooden items... a couple of yin-yang candle holders and another foot roller.

These are going to be sold off at a tea party we are going to host, in order to raise funds for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Battersea Dogs home is where we adopted our darling Missy from, and after she passed, we returned to adopt the handsome Paddy.

So, because of their great care for dogs, we decided to partake in the Ruff'n'Ready Tea Party, to raise some much needed funds. They are currently building new state-of-the-art kennel blocks, for the dogs' comfort.

Have you been to an afternoon tea party recently?
I wish that you were all close by, so you could come to ours! 


  1. Those candleholders are so pretty and what a great cause to sell them at. I hope you have a great tea party and raise lots of money for the cause.

  2. Hubby makes such lovely things! Hope the tea is a great success!

  3. It's a very good thing! Paddy is too nice :) Arianna


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