Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Paddy and The Mighty Cheese, a love story.

When we adopted Paddy we were told that he was a little insecure in some areas.
So we're trying to make life fun for him - and not so scary.

The grooming/vet table is one thing he was a little scared of, so out came The Mighty Cheese, various other tasty treats and a voice that said 'fun, fun, fun!'

Here in photos, is the story of Paddy and The Mighty Cheese

That scary table has eaten my cheese, leaving the duck and nibbles.

I need to take a closer look. Will it swallow me up too?

I'll eat a nibble first and see what happens.

I'm so brave! All four paws on the table and making my way to the darling cheese!

 I swallowed the Cheese. It's safe in my tum.

That was so scrummy and I'm so brave! I love Cheese.

I'm sitting here waiting for more lovely Cheese

I'll wait forever for my darling Cheese. Just chillin' til the next time.
and there, is how Paddy loved The Mighty Cheese more than he was scared of the table. We let him get up there in his own time - and it took about ten minutes. The second time he got up, it was SECONDS!


  1. Aww, that was such a good way to get Paddy used to the table and not be scared of it. Food often wins doesn't it. He is such a cute little chap, and I love his colouring, he's very handsome :-)

    1. Food is a great tool for teaching dogs. Once they're over the fear, it can be cut down, then out. So much kinder .. and yes, he's very handsome!

  2. I hope he still feels this secure when the grooming accoutrement comes out! ;)

    1. We'll introduce that gradually, and with lots of praise and reward. He'll get there.

  3. He is so cute. Love the story too. He reminds me of our little Mandy.


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