Thursday 18 April 2013

All in the Leaves - Review Three

The last of my three early readers has written a review for 'All in the Leaves.'
I understand its a bit of a tease to read the reviews before the book is published, but I'm so thrilled, I wanted to share it.
The book should be out later this year, once the editing and proofreading is complete. In the meantime, enjoy the review! 

All In the Leaves

By Pat Elliott

It was with much anticipation that I began my journey with Anna, Chloe and the various other characters in “All in the Leaves”.

Pat has brought the characters to life so much that you will laugh out loud, scream at certain characters and in the case of one character want to hit them with the nearest heavy object (but that might be just me).

Pat’s description of the various areas, Edinburgh in particular, really made me feel that I was there with Anna and I could picture the scenery perfectly.

The hardest part of reading the book was only being able to read a couple of chapters each time as Pat was writing it.

Once the book was completed, I sat down on Pat’s sofa and had read the last 5 or 6 chapters because I was so engrossed that there was no way I was leaving until I had read the last page.

The book did not disappoint and I look forward to reading books 2 and 3 and continuing the journey with Anna, Chloe and the others.

Reviewed by Debra Mandel

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  1. Dear Pat - I want to read your book - let me know exactly the date it will be published!! You are so talented my friend. Have a wonderful day.

  2. thanks, Debbie!
    When I have a date for the book to be published, I'll be letting all my blog friends know. Hope you have a good day, too xx

  3. No fair! To tease us before it's published! I too, await with bated breath for it's publication!
    Sounds like you are well on your way to being the next Maeve Binchy!
    Congrats on all three reviews!

  4. Lovely review! I'm sure it's handy to have them before the book is out.

    Rinelle Grey

  5. Sorry about that, Robin :) But I'm so excited about them - knowing all three readers well enough to know they would be honest - and to still get such lovely reviews - well, I had to share them :)

  6. Thanks Rinelle. All three of my early readers said they'd write a review - which was so kind. I'm so delighted with them that I've shared them early so that it gives everyone a feel for the book :) xx

  7. Oh my goodness! I admire you so much for doing this project! I want to read it too! I know how you write such thoughtful comments and blog posts, so I KNOW what you've written in your book is going to be wonderful!

  8. Thanks, Katherine. I hope you enjoy it when you do get to read it :) xx


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