Friday, 5 April 2013

Writing is just the beginning

I've had a few people ask about buying my book, wanting to know when it will be available.
When I paint, the work is done when I lay the brush down. Writing isn't like that. Unless you know publishing you think, write the book, get it published.
The reality is much more involved.

If you wish to have a publisher, you have to first have an agent. To get one of those, you need to find one who represents your genre and query whether or no they will represent you. There are so many asking that this process can take a very long time.

If you wish to self publish, then you should go through all the steps a large publisher would do, if you wish to have any longevity as an author. After all, if I'm going to ask you to part with money to buy my book, I feel that I owe it to you to get it polished and the best it can be.
Self publishing means you don't have an agent, but you get to do the jobs a big publisher would do for you. Like having someone edit your book and return it for revisions. An editor is more than a spell and grammar checker, they check for continuity and flow also. Its the difference between having a rough old plank for a dining table, or a polished piece of oak.
This is where my book is at, and it takes some time. I have had some great advice from a friend and colleague who I first met in my days working for a publisher. The best part was to start writing number two so I'm not tapping my fingers and gnashing my teeth waiting for number one to be ready.
I've been incredibly fortunate with the people who've offered to help, but my book is not the only thing on their to-do list. Professional people, who've chosen to help, because of who I am and who they are. So I have to be patient and wait for them. Patience is probably the hardest thing to learn, especially when the body of the story is down.

Timing wise, I think that towards the end of the year is realistic.
By then, I should have a book that is nicely polished and a cover that's been designed by an illustrator.  An illustrator - I know - very exciting!
I truly have been blessed with the help that's been made available to me. I hope when you do get to read the book that the whole is a wonderful experience for you.


  1. I can't wait! (she says clapping her hands in excitement!) Can I be first in line? ;)

  2. Good luck with your book. The editing and polishing process does take a while, and it takes a lot longer to get someone to look at your book than I expected.

    Rinelle Grey


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