Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Best laid plans

The best laid plans often go astray.
That's what's happened here since my last post. I've sustained an injury to my left foot, which needed a trip to the hospital, x-rays, crutches and some pain medication.
Luckily, the foot is not broken, but I have tears to ligaments and tendons. Its going to take a while to be right again.

Mentally, I'm not in a place to do much writing or painting!
Foot and ankle exercises, then sleeping seem to be all I want to do. I'm sure as time goes on that will change, but for the time being, forgive me if I'm quiet.

There is some good news to report, and that's with the darling Missy.
Our vets offered a free arthritis check so hubs took her along.
The vet was delighted with her, she's at an ideal weight, has the right number of short walks for optimum well being, has plenty of soft places to sleep for ease on her bones and is on a minimum level of arthritis medication. Missy showed him a few of her tricks in exchange for a piece of duck and everyone parted on good terms. We just have to keep on doing what we do and Missy will have a reasonably happy old age. That news cheered me no end. She deserves to have a happy life.

Fingers crossed I'll be back to blogging shortly. Until then, I'll enjoy coming to visit your blogs as and when I'm able.


  1. You need to take as good care of yourself as you do of Missy! So sorry to hear about your foot. We never seem to really appreciate our "parts" until something is wrong with them. Take good care!

  2. So no blog hopping for you then Pat! lol. Seriously, do hope your ankle mends quickly, it is awful when this happens as Everything seems to rely on putting that foot on the ground! oouch. So pleased that Missy had such a good report from the Vet, she looks such a sweetie.

  3. I am sorry to read about your injury - that sort of thing does take a while to heal. I know you'll do all the good, right things to help it heal as quickly as possible. :)
    But Missy's news is wonderful!!!

  4. Wish you all the best, Pat! Lots of love, Anamaria

  5. Pat, I hope you recover quickly!
    Glad to see that your cute dog is doing well.

  6. Oh Pat! I'm so sorry to hear you're injured! Rest, relax and recuperate! We'll all be here waiting for you when you get back! {{{hugs}}}

  7. I hope your foot will get better soon, Pat! All the best!

  8. Thanks, everyone.
    I've been to see the doc again today and he thinks it'll be about four weeks before I'm back to normal and able to drive again.

  9. I'm so happy to hear the good news about little Missy. That's wonderful.
    But you, what have you been up to, almost breaking your foot! It must be very painful. Sending healing thoughts your way and hoping it will soon heal! xx

  10. Pat, I hope you recover quickly. Take it easy.

    I love the picture of Missy all snuggled up and I'm glad to hear that the vet says she's in good shape and her arthritis is under control.


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