Monday, 20 May 2013

The Weekend Balance.

Last week I spoke about balance and how hard it was to find and keep it in this internet age.
This weekend we decided to try a whole weekend with any computer time.

This is how it went.
We talked more, we decided to make some steps from the patio into the garden. We have a sunken patio, but no steps out from it.
This weekend, that all changed.

Here is where we started, with the new slabs lined up ready.

Halfway through the work, the Supervisor had to check it out!

and here is the almost finished project.

Why couldn't we finish it completely? You'll never guess.
When we went to the bag of ballast, a family of robins had made their nest in it! We wouldn't disturb them, so the prettying up of the edges will have to wait until the breeding season is over.

I also framed up a couple of my paintings, then hubs hung them for me

We then sat in the garden, talking, reading and playing with Missy.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Computer free weekends may become our new normal.
Whatever you did at the weekend, I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Great steps, your supervisor must be pleased! :) Computerfree weekend is a great idea! When my son is visiting I always ask him to switch off his i-phone, because it is so hard to have an uninterrupted conversation otherwise.

  2. You are always a source of inspiration Pat.

    Love what you've done in your patio, and it's obvious Missy approves too :P

  3. Dear Pat- I too try to stay away from the computer until Sunday evening when I write my post. TV and computer time really eats into being productive. Striking a balance is hard to do sometimes. Looks like it went very well for you. Missy looks adorable too.

  4. I think you'd have to put me on an I.V. sedation drip if you took away my connections! LOL
    Nice steps!

  5. Our first night on holiday we didn't turn the TV on and it was glorious and quiet. I wanted to turn my computer off but daily blogging doesn't stop for holidays unfortunately. I do love the quiet and talking to hubbie. He uses TV as downtime so a whole weekend wouldn't happen, but maybe we could have a screen-free evening, it's a great idea!

  6. Thanks everyone. I'm glad to read that others like to have some 'balance' time.
    Missy does like the steps, she's used them constantly since.
    I have learned that there's no race to finish my second book and I can take my time to enjoy the scenery!

  7. Hi Pat! You made new steps in two ways: for the patio and share time with the three of you!! Bravo. I want to try that too. I can't imagine how that would be:) Thank you for bringing up the idea!!xx:)


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