Thursday 25 September 2014

Creativity in wood... I'm bowled over!

Today I wanted to show off my husband's creativity.

He takes blocks of wood - and turns them into something beautiful.

Here are two bowls he made.

They are both spalted beech. This means there is a fungus which has attacked the wood. Oh but when it's turned on a lathe - the beauty of those lines!

Bowl One

and here is Bowl two:

Aren't they something?
I'm in awe of his skill in creating beautiful art in wood.

Monday 15 September 2014

Not a scrap of internet, but plenty of sunshine!

There's a place in England called Tolleshunt D'Arcy.
We went there for a little visit. Nearby there is a reserve called Blackwater Estuary National Nature Reserve, which you can read about HERE

Where we stayed, we never had a scrap of internet - but it was nonetheless very enjoyable.
Have a look at these pics and you'll see why: -

There's something quite peaceful being around water and boats.
I didn't miss the internet one bit. It made me wonder if I'd miss it, if it suddenly disappeared overnight, forever. Not that I have any inside information, you know  - I was just wondering!
Of course, I would miss talking to all of you - what would you miss most if the net suddenly disappeared? 

Monday 8 September 2014

Leaves for Chloe - here's the Cover!

It's been a wonderful journey, writing Leaves for Chloe.

The book is now with my early readers, who will be checking for any slowing in the pace or lack of flow.

However, what I have to show you today, is the wonderful cover.
This was created by the talented Teresa Palomar Lois ~ her website is HERE

and this is the cover... isn't it gorgeous?

The info on the back:

A tea-leaf reading.
A prediction of turmoil, two men fighting over her and a house move.
Can your future really be told in a cup?

Chloe is feeling down in the dumps. Her best friend got married, her new boyfriend lives at the other end of the country and her ex won't leave her alone. Can she ever have a settled love life?

She has her fortune told, hoping to find some clues to her future.
Her tea cup reading promises a mixed future, with despair, love, new friends and two men fighting for her love. 
Only when Chloe finds her true self will the future be the happy one she longs for.

Join Chloe as misery strikes, hope returns and the battle for happiness begins.

We're on track for a November release ~ so not too long before you can read Book Two in The Leaves Series.