Thursday 30 May 2013

Reflexology and Annie's Wax

I love reflexology and feel blessed to be able to work in this field.

Every now and then, I make a discovery which makes my work even more enjoyable. Annie's Wax is that discovery.

When I first trained to be a reflexologist, we were all taught the techniques using talcum powder, because that provided a good grip on the foot.

After a few years in practice, I noticed that I was more and more prone to dry hands and some eczema like blisters. My GP told me to stop using talcum and find something else. So I did. I experimented with all the big brand hand creams, until I found one that seemed to suit all my clients, provoking no allergies.

I quite happily used this hand cream for many years. Over a decade.

Until, quite by chance, I saw a lady on Twitter who had a product that she said was great for use in reflexology. Not only that, but at the time, she was offering a free sample. So I took the plunge and asked for a sample of Annie's Wax.

When it arrived – extremely promptly, I might add – I asked my ever suffering hubby to be the guinea pig.

When his feet were in front of me, I applied the wax (which is a blend of wax and oil) onto his right foot.

On his left, I applied my usual hand cream. This was my own effort at a trial, to test the product's suitability.

What I found surprised me. Not only did the wax provide grip without slip, it allowed me to make a deep contact easily, at first attempt.

The second surprise was my hubby. He piped up that his foot with the wax felt very warm and much more pleasant and comfortable than the one with the cream on. He asked would I please take the cream off his left foot and apply the wax instead. So I did and completed his session. Then I worked on my own feet using the wax and they too felt warm and much more comfortable than with the cream. The extra bonus was, because I never removed the wax, we both awoke the next day with noticeably softer feet.

I haven't gone back to the cream. I ordered two large tubs of the wax. Everyone who has had reflexology with me since has loved it.

If you wish to know more about Annie's Wax, take a look at her website HERE

Tuesday 28 May 2013

A garden project

After the steps were built, we had in mind a new garden project. We wanted to make a new flowerbed.
We've had a few days off, so decided to tackle the flowerbed while the weather was with us.

Here it is:

removing the top layer of grass

Digging out the concrete rubble which had been buried beneath

Our little visitor. Did you see him in the last photo? He was hunting for worms as we took a break.

Missy the Supervisor checks the quality of works

and here's the finished flowerbed.

and Missy, enjoying the sunshine now the work is done.

We have a couple more days off and will be enjoying those, at home.
I shall be writing some more to my second book, Leaves for Chloe.

Hope you've enjoyed the pics.

Sunday 26 May 2013

My Summerhouse Retreat

We have a Bank Holiday weekend.
Rather than take to the roads with countless others, I'll spend some time in my summerhouse retreat. Painting, writing and reading.
Here's what it looks like in the sun, with the double doors open - and as you can see, Missy has her own seat!

Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Friday 24 May 2013

Reflexology, Painting, Writing.

I'm a reflexologist, a painter and a writer.

My good friend Lynne recognises all three in these word clouds she made for me.




Aren't they fabulous? Did you notice that the writing word cloud relates to my first novel 'All in the Leaves'?
Progress is good on the editing, the process is a quarter of the way through.
We are expecting an end of year debut. I'll tell you more as the time nears.
Have a great weekend.

Monday 20 May 2013

The Weekend Balance.

Last week I spoke about balance and how hard it was to find and keep it in this internet age.
This weekend we decided to try a whole weekend with any computer time.

This is how it went.
We talked more, we decided to make some steps from the patio into the garden. We have a sunken patio, but no steps out from it.
This weekend, that all changed.

Here is where we started, with the new slabs lined up ready.

Halfway through the work, the Supervisor had to check it out!

and here is the almost finished project.

Why couldn't we finish it completely? You'll never guess.
When we went to the bag of ballast, a family of robins had made their nest in it! We wouldn't disturb them, so the prettying up of the edges will have to wait until the breeding season is over.

I also framed up a couple of my paintings, then hubs hung them for me

We then sat in the garden, talking, reading and playing with Missy.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Computer free weekends may become our new normal.
Whatever you did at the weekend, I hope you enjoyed it.

Friday 17 May 2013

Word Cloud

I wanted to share this Reflexology Word Cloud with you.
My friend Lynne made it for me. Isn't it cool?

Tuesday 14 May 2013


For the last few days, I've been considering my lifestyle.
All of my favourite pastimes are sedentary ones. I sit to paint, to write, to tweet and to blog. Then I also sit to work!

It was the forced inaction resulting from the sprained ankle that caused me to think. Nothing like having something denied, to make you want to do that very thing.

I'm an internet lover, enjoying the time when I use it to write, research and have fun tweeting and blogging. It can take an inordinate amount of time, though.
So I need to find balance and plan some outdoor and exercise time into each day. Otherwise I might miss the sunshine - when we have it - the beauty of flowers and the meeting of neighbours for an unscheduled chat. I'd also miss the undoubted physical benefits my body derives from movement.

My first book, All in the Leaves, was written in less than four months. I've now realised that was far too quick. It meant I sacrificed other things to complete it.
Book Two will be written at a slower pace and I'll take time to enjoy the journey more, raising my head from the keyboard at regular intervals to enjoy the view.

How do you find balance in your life?
Are you still working on it?

Saturday 11 May 2013


In lots of places relating to writing, I've heard the best advice was to start writing book two whilst book one is being edited/proofread/polished.
So, I'm writing Book Two. There's something I've noticed creeping in - and that's the word 'just'.
Just as emphasis, as in 'just great'. Just as politeness, as in 'just help yourself'.
Just meaning simply, as in 'just another day at the office'. Just meaning recently, as in 'just seen the news'.

Far too many justs!

Writing has made me more aware of how I talk and think.
Sometimes we rely on one word, simply because it seems to fit.
When I was a youngster at school, one English teacher banned the use of the word 'nice'. He thought it was a very nondescript word and that to carry on using it was an act of laziness on our parts, when the English language was full of very descriptive words. He exhorted us to read more widely and keep a dictionary handy. Which is something I've always done.
So how I fell into the 'just' trap, I have no idea.
As I write, I'm watching myself closely. Just in case!

Thursday 9 May 2013

My April Paintings

Once a month, I'm going to post all of the previous month's paintings.
So here are all the pictures I painted in April .

The Five Worlds Crown

Chestnut Mushrooms

The Ridge

Mineral Egg

Cheese and Parsley Scone



Our Autumn Years

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my month's painting in one go.
If something grabs your fancy, you can always purchase a print or card from my Redbubble store. Just write and ask me to add your favourite.

Monday 6 May 2013

Missy's Bank Holiday

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK and it was a beautiful day.
Here's little Missy - and her bank holiday fun.

What are we doing today?

we're having a day in the garden

the apple tree is in blossom

daddy is building a shed

mummy is painting

I can run and frolic in the sun

see off the Essex lion

check the build quality

and claim it for me!
We hope you enjoyed this peek into our holiday.

Friday 3 May 2013

Nearly finished

Here's the last WIP photo of Robbie the dog.
After this will come the finished drawing, which I'll post over on my paintings blog - probably tomorrow :)

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the glimpse into my drawing style .
Now to get ready for my reflexology working day - hope you all have a good day, whatever you do!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

A Few more steps

Here's my dog portrait, progressing well.

We're enjoying a little run of sunny days here.
So I'm outside in my summerhouse studio, drawing, then ankle exercising, then sitting outside in the sun while I rest the foot. I'm making the most of my injury time :)