Sunday 13 March 2016

A Royal Visit

We've been out exploring and found a Royal Palace to visit!
Falkland Palace was a summer palace beloved of Mary, Queen of Scots.
This is it from the outside.

Photographs weren't allowed inside, but we do have a pic of an old dolphin doorknocker, that was on the entrance

The local village church was a matter of feet away

as were some old estate buildings, which now have been converted to dwellings and shops

Finally we have the Village Cross, with heraldic symbols

Only one thing would have improved our visit - if you'd been there when we stopped at the tea shop for a cuppa!

Friday 4 March 2016

Sparkles, sunshine, orchids, Paddy and book news.

Life in Fife continues to be delightful.
Despite getting an infected insect bite, (all healed now) it's been a lovely month.

I've created a new sparkly canvas to add a pop of colour in my new kitchen

We continue to be blessed with a very mild winter and some sunshine!

My darling hubby, instead of buying a bouquet of flowers to say get well soon, bought me some orchids

and throughout, I had a very attentive nurse. If I called for OH, Paddy would run and fetch him, barking all the while. He's a little treasure!

I am continuing to write "The House in the Leaves", book three of my Leaves Series. The editor and I have been conversing and we're getting it right! I hope to have it published sometime this year.

If you haven't seen the first two, look HERE