Friday 27 September 2013

Open House weekend and meeting a fabulous Sculptor

I recently went to visit Fairkytes Arts Centre, who were taking part in the Open House Weekend - and holding an art fair on the same day.
The history behind Fairkytes goes back a long way; Joseph, the son of the prison reformer Elizabeth Fry lived there. Prior to its use as an Arts Centre, it used to be a library.
It's also the place where I go to art every week - so I can say from experience how wonderful, how helpful the staff are.

Having had a look around the building, I proceeded into the marquees, both out front and in the back garden.

I had a wonderful surprise awaiting me in the back garden - the work of a sculptor which was awe inspiring! His name was Otis, he put together all of these sculptures, using nuts, bolts, washers and spanners.

I was privileged to have a talk with Otis. We sat at a table and talked about his art, while a jazz band played in the background. Otis told me he'd trained as an electrician, but he had this incredible creative streak. Incredible is my word, because seeing these sculptures up close was an experience like no other. They called to me and my senses delighted in them. Otis kindly showed me some photos on his phone of a full size American Quarter Horse he is currently making. Those pictures were awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing it in real life. The saxophonist from the jazz band came over to look at Otis' sax - and he was very complimentary, saying it must have been modelled on a treble sax - I didn't even know there were alto and tenor saxophones!
If you'd like to see more of Otis' work, take a look at his website: HERE

Thursday 19 September 2013

ART, and what it means to me.

So, when I say ART, I guess you all think of my paintings?

For me, ART has two meanings - and yes, painting is one of them.
The other one is Advanced Reflexology Training.
I first qualified in Advanced techniques, over ten years ago. I've found them incredibly useful, time and time again. I was fortunate enough to have been trained by the originator of the techniques, Tony Porter.
He has a website HERE .

So when I think of ART, I think of these wonderful reflexology techniques - and I also think of painting.

Both of these great loves of mine come together in this painting:
The Art of Reflexology

My free hour is coming to an end and I must away, to work.
If you get the chance, try a session of reflexology. If you want to try an advanced trained reflexologist, there's a register on Tony's site.

Friday 13 September 2013

I am writing.

Good morning friends!

The summer weather seems to have disappeared and we are left with cooler temps, wind and rain.
Missy and I go for walks, talk to the neighbours and when we return, I am writing, while Missy has a snooze. She's never far from me, as you can see.

That's my netbook in the photo, upon which I write my stories. It's very portable, quite small, but just the right size for my dainty little hands!

In story news, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's bought 'At Sanctuary's Gate (Seven Short Stories)'  I hope you all enjoyed it.

'All in the Leaves' my first novel is with the editor, soon to be passed on to the company who'll be sending it all around the world. We're still on track for a 31st October publish date.

My second novel 'Leaves for Chloe' is just over half way written!
When I've finished this blog post, I'll be dreaming up more adventures and tapping them into my trusty netbook.

I don't know if any of my readers are dyslexic, but if you are, I recently found a free font called Open Dyslexic. My dyslexic hubby downloaded it and he has found it so useful. It has made reading a pleasure for him - which is no bad thing!
Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you do.

Thursday 5 September 2013

A Day at the Tate

While on holiday, I took a trip into London to meet up with a couple of friends.
We decided to go the the Tate Modern.

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I took a stroll through the silver birch planting  and down to the River Thames.

This photo shows the Millennium Bridge over to St Paul's Cathedral

We wandered through the galleries at the Tate Modern, then we decided to take a River Bus down to Tate Britain and view their artworks. The first is the outward trip, the second the return journey and a view of the London Eye from the boat.

Waiting for the boats on the floating platoons was great fun - your sea legs got some practice! The Thames has quite a current, as we found out!

At Tate Britain, they allowed us to take pictures as long as we used no flash. So here are my few pics... 

Once we disembarked from the return boat, we decided to walk over Millennium Bridge, take a circuit of St. Paul's, then go for a coffee and shortbread. One the way to the bridge we passed the Globe Theatre.

and finally, St. Paul's Cathedral 

do you know, I'd painted this view, previously? 
Here it is, called 'En Route'

Hope you've enjoyed coming along with me, on my trip to London.