Tuesday 29 January 2013

Why I became a reflexologist.

Why did I become a reflexologist?

Two years after we married, my darling hubby had an accident at work.
We saw a doctor then two consultants. The consultant in charge told my hubby  that his back injury was so severe he would be in a wheelchair within two years.
Rocked by this news - we were both under 30 - we tried other avenues, mainly manual therapies that included manipulation. We had limited improvement.

Hubs couldn't work, but I carried on working in management accounts at a magazine publishing firm. One day, one of the editors, the blessed Helen Gill, asked why I was looking sad and on hearing the news, she let me loose in the health book section of her stock cupboard.
There I found the book which would change our lives, literally.
Joseph Corvo's Backache Cure. It showed you how to do a form of reflexology in pictures. I tried it on my hubby. He only started to improve!
I thank God for Helen and for that book. For giving me the gift of understanding and doing.

I looked for further training and found it in the British School of Reflexology.
To take the course and an exam, I had to agree to do a minimum of sixty case studies. Even though I only wanted to help my hubby, I agreed.
Being ill takes a toll on carers, family and friends. We lost so many along the way, that I had no idea how I would meet this target.
Again, I asked at work and was thrilled to have so many volunteer "guinea pigs" that I actually completed approximately 500 case studies for the exam. 

There were two blessings to this.
Firstly for me, every one of these wonderful people knew the situation with my hubby  and they knew I was funding my own training from limited funds. Thanks to the wonderful Mary Bird, they all gave me a little something towards my course. I am grateful for them every day. I am blessed to have Mary still in my life.
Secondly, every one of them reported some benefit from the treatment and they gladly filled in a report form cataloguing their benefit.

Not all was sunny in the world of work, though. My accounts office had a new boss and he was vile. Rarely do I use such strong words, but that person deserves it. In his favour was he was vile to all he 'managed', so I knew it wasn't just me!

Hubby, my greatest supporter, encouraged me to leave the magazine publishing world and become self employed as a reflexologist.
It was scary, making that leap, but I've never regretted it.
My proudest moment was five years after hubby's initial diagnosis, when I watched him ride off on a new motorbike.
To this day,seventeen years later, he still walks. He walks Missy our rescue  jack russell dog, twice daily. He now works in a teaching capacity at the local college, where he changes lives, daily.
It wouldn't have happened without reflexology.
I could have stopped at helping hubby - that was my first idea, after all. But when I saw how it helped others too, there was no way I could just hang up my thumbs!

I count myself blessed, I've met some wonderful people, perhaps even the vile one was meant to be to push me towards this new career. Hubs and I have endured some pain and anguish and we've had some wonderful joyous moments and have come out of it stronger together.

That's why I became a reflexologist.  To help. To make a difference.

My reflexology site HERE


  1. Hi Pat,
    Just wanted to say after meeting you and Paul last year I am amazed to learn how severely Paul had been injured, what an amazing result you have both achieved. Paul was a picture of health and i would never have guessed that years ago the medical experts had resigned him to a wheelchair.
    I look forward to sharing your journey with words as well as your journey through art
    Much Love
    Lynne Stuart and Ben xxx

  2. I'm so glad to read that your husband had a recovery because you used reflexology!!! It's a fantastic treatment that balances the whole body.
    Lots of love

  3. Hello dear Pat,
    Lovely to be on your new site. I've often wondered how you started in reflexology so thank you for telling your story.
    I am a Reiki Master and the two therapies often go hand in hand.
    I don't practice much nowadays as I cannot stand but it certainly helps me daily and my family.
    When I trained there was a lady with MS and I often wonder how she is now.
    Thank you for your visit my dear friend. Big Hugs xx

  4. Thank you Lynne.
    Firstly I'm going to give a background all all my interests, then I'll be sharing some of my writing :)

    Thank you, Joanna. We are grateful for his recovery and for the lady who gave me the book that started me off. xx

    thank you, June.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed reading how I started in reflexology xx

  5. I too wondered how you got your start in reflexology. Thanks for sharing the story. It's wonderful that you were able to help your husband!

  6. So nice to read how you got started in reflexology. I hadn't realised how this can help and obviously help your husband you have. Wonderful.


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