Saturday 27 July 2013

Short Stories, a review and a Summer Break

I was so busy yesterday that I never got a chance to blog!
This is because I've been doing two very important things.

Firstly, I've been working with my reflexology people in advance of my summer break. I get to spend the month of August with my hubby, because he's on leave from college, where he works as a lecturer. We spend the time doing couple things and enjoying each other's company. Mostly the computer stays off.

Secondly, I've been putting together a book of short stories!
I'm hoping to have it out before my novel All in the Leaves gets published.
The title of the book of shorts is 'At Sanctuary's Gate.'
I've had a few people reading, editing and reviewing for me - and I thank them for their time.
Author Amanda Martin (Baby Blues and Wedding Shoes, Dragon Wraiths) read them for me and gave me her thoughts:
"Evocative imagery, unusual viewpoints and heart warming tales, At Sanctuary's Gate has it all. Each story packs a punch in a short space of time and leaves you thinking."

Here's the cover image for you to enjoy. 

I may get a chance to visit here and there, if not, see you in Sept!

PS: You can find Amanda's blog here 
and her Twitter account HERE

Friday 19 July 2013

Irish Eyes are smiling!

In my post 'Why I became a Reflexologist' HERE I said I wanted to help, to make a difference.

Yesterday one of my clients who had recently retired and is moving away brought me a rose to say thanks for the help I'd given him. I'd made a difference in his life. I was quite overcome.

The rose he brought is called 'Irish Eyes'.
Apparently it reminded him of me looking him over to check he was doing well.
For you see, I'm an Irish citizen as well as an English one. My dad was Irish from Wexford, born in the 20s and mum was English from Yorkshire.
So Irish Eyes as a rose, well, it means a lot to me.

The rose got planted last night - and it looked beautiful this morning. These Irish eyes are definitely smiling. Take a look yourself... 

Friday 12 July 2013

Sun and Memories

Wonderful weather we're having here in the UK. It even influenced my paintings, as you can see HERE

Spare a thought for those who suffer with hayfever - because the pollen is meant to be very high.
I remember when I took my end of year exams, I was allowed to take in a box of tissues, I sneezed so much! Thankfully, I seem to have grown out of the awful hayfever symptoms. Now and then I'll get the itchy eyes, as if it wants to remind me that it could make its presence felt again, should it care to.

Hayfever had me reminiscing - what else have I grown out of?
One springs to mind, my favourite polka dot dress! It was white with red dots. How I used to love twirling as a five year old in that dress, with my long blonde hair flying out too. The movement entranced me. Even now, a swishy skirt will make me smile and take me back to more innocent, joyful times.

Do you have something simple that makes you smile? Would love to hear about it!

Of course, if I'd had this blog post planned, I could have drawn a lovely pic of a girl in a floaty polka dot dress with blonde hair flying. But planned it was not - so no related painting. Instead, you can have a lovely flower from my garden.
Another simple pleasure which make me smile - flowers! No wonder I like to paint them.

Friday 5 July 2013

June Paintings and a shift in Focus.

We're in July - and normally I would publish a post showing you all of my June Paintings, in case you missed them on my painting blog.

In June, I took part in a Challenge to paint every day - and I produced a painting a day for the whole of June. If I post all thirty paintings, this post will go on forever! If you'd like to see the paintings, take a look at my other blog HERE
There are five posts with June paintings, one post each week.
The post a week taught me its a good schedule, so that will continue, there and here. Art on Monday, Life on Friday. 

Now that the Challenge is done, what's next for me?
Now my focus is more on my novel, All in the Leaves. Two days after finishing the June Challenge, I finished the first edit of the whole novel. The second edit is quarter of the way through. The third and final edit is one fifth completed. Second and third are not being done by me - all I have to do is rewrite any mistakes that are found.
For light relief, I am visiting your blogs and leaving comments. I need to be out there in the blog community again. Thanks for bearing with me.

Missy is doing well. She's fifteen and a half now, thoroughly enjoys her walks and meeting new people. She does sleep a fair bit too, but at her great age, she's entitled. Here's a recent pic of her for you to enjoy.