Friday 30 August 2013

The new author returns!

Good morning friends!

Here I am, the new author, back to her blog.
It's been very exciting seeing my book in Kobo's store - and seeing something that you won't.
That something is the fact my book has sold in five different countries! Five!
I'm so delighted.

Yesterday I was a published author, today I am the laundry master!
Funny how life goes, isn't it. It's not all glamour.
Would we like a life of total glamour, I wonder?
I don't think I would, far too intrusive. You only need to read a newspaper to see how intrusive.
I'm happy to have a comfortable house, lovely garden where I can hang said laundry on the line, time to write my stories and paint my pictures.

The new book - which is a full length novel - should hopefully be published by the end of October, this year.
All that remains for me to say, is thank you for buying my book of short stories, I hope you enjoyed them.
If you didn't buy it yet - there's a link on the right. Click the picture :)

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Interrupting the summer break

to tell you that my first book of short stories is now available on Kobo's bookstore for the princely sum of 1.99p!

You can find it HERE

If you buy it, I hope you enjoy it!

I, of course, am ridiculously excited at this dipping of toes into the water that is the self-publishing world!

Right, back to my hols...