Friday 25 October 2013

Relax, refresh... and find equilibrium.

'How do you relax?' is a question I'm often asked. 'After all, you can't do reflexology on yourself!'
Actually, yes I can - and I do. I am reasonably flexible, so I can cross one leg over the other and reach my soles. Reflexology is brilliant for refreshing one's sole - and other parts too!

However, it's not the only way I relax. I paint in watercolour,  write fiction and also meditate. All three take me away from the stresses of this world, which yes, of course, I encounter. These practices help me deal with them.

Meditation teaches me to take a step back, to watch my own thoughts and realise that they are indeed just that, thoughts. Be they good or bad, they will pass -  and thoughts do not define the real me. By taking a step back, I do get to see the wood for the trees - and that helps me to plan a strategy for coping with life's little surprises. Finding a way through the wood, past the trees, if you will.
Is there a way through? You betcha!

Painting allows me to create a world of my own.  I like to paint things which attract me, they are usually things that make me smile, and some are filled with light.
Delicious! I can taste it all over again.
Crystal glass, so enchanting. Chocolate and fruit too. It's all good!

In my fiction, again I create a world. It has twists and turns and the odd 'misguided' character; but on the whole, my world faces the sun, being bathed in light.

My own created world.

However, in all these things that I love, you'll notice that there is no balance. Everything I love is sedentary. Back in May, I wrote about finding the balance. So now there is activity. I walk my dog, and now that she is older and not able to do the long walks, I speed walk a minimum of a mile a day. (That's fast walking to me, not the type where you throw your hips out and walk heel to toe.) It is surprising how well that clears the cobwebs from your mind, especially when you do not allow any one type of thought sway. I've stopped and seen some beauty in my surroundings while this was happening.

You walk, I'll snooze!

Just waiting for me to discover

These are my way of relaxing, refreshing and restoring my own equilibrium. They are not the only way. You'll find ones specific to you. I'd love to hear all about them! 

Time - or more correctly, lack of time - is the reason I hear for most people not doing similar. The accountant in me says audit your time. Write down what you want to do, where your time goes and see where you can find the time to relax and refresh. Most of all, find the balance. Otherwise you may find yourself visiting me in a professional capacity. Which is quite a journey, for some of you!
That brings me to my last point: laughter. Humour. It neutralises a lot of angst. Make use of that fact. Laugh frequently.

Laugh. Got it!

Friday 18 October 2013

Latest news on Sanctuary's Gate and All in the Leaves

Good morning friends,

I'm pleased to say that after a brief spell of being 'not currently available' in the Kobo bookstore, 'At Sanctuary's Gate' is now back on sale! (here)

All self published books had been removed by Kobo, after it came to light that there were some very unsavoury books that would have displayed on an innocent, everyday search term, such as 'daddy'. Until each book was checked for content, all self pubbed books were removed.
Mine carries no such content, so is now back on sale!

In other news, All in the Leaves went off to the ebook partnership earlier this week; now they will work their magic in converting and distributing it. All in the Leaves will be available across all reading devices. I'll let you know when it's out there! You can all come to my virtual launch party :)

Friday 11 October 2013

Presenting.... the cover of my book.

Good morning Friends,

I'd like to present to you.... the cover of my book!

It was designed and illustrated by the wonderful Teresa Palomar Lois - whose website is HERE

Do you like it? If you saw it in an online catalogue, would you click on it to read more? Please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts....

Friday 4 October 2013

Reflexology .... or something else entirely?

This morning on Twitter, a question was asked about reflexology.
Given that it has been around for so long and developed so much, should we change the name?

My personal opinion was that some people are barely aware of reflexology as it is - so I would prefer to see widespread recognition before a name change.
Of course, me being me, I did suggest an alternative based on Latin - pesalus.
Meaning: foot and health/well-being.

Why am I putting this in a blog post?
Because I'd like some opinions - have you heard of reflexology?
What does it mean to you, if you have heard of it?
I'm looking forward to reading your replies.