Friday 12 February 2016

Snowy Lomonds, stunning skies and new gateways!

Here we are in February, we've been so busy, I'd almost forgotten my blogs!
We had a little dusting of snow over the Lomond Hills, enough to look pretty, but not enough to cause problems.

We've also had some gorgeous skies - and I've even seen the Northern Lights since we moved. The stars here are phenomenal  - well, they are full stop - but what I mean is the visibility here is so much better than we ever had in Essex. I'm a lover of stargazing, so this makes our move even more magical.
I haven't any star skies to show you, but a sunset - oh yes...

We had a couple of storms, where there were some gale force winds and they knocked our old driveway fence apart. We decided we'd replace them with wrought iron. The blacksmith came over to give us a quote, stayed for a coffee and a chat and when he returned with the gates, not only had he produced the driveway gates and fence, he'd given us a pedestrian gate for free! He told us it was because we were genuine folk. How lovely to meet such wonderful people.

and in book news, I am still writing "The House in the Leaves" and hope to finish sometime this year. All in the Leaves and Leaves for Chloe are available online, should you wish to read the first two in the series.

Catch up again, soon!