Wednesday 16 November 2016

Bookbinding Course

Recently I went on a bookbinding course, because I wanted to know how to create my own sketchbooks.

It was fascinating seeing and learning how to create so many varieties of book. We made artists books, accordion books, notebooks, Turkish folding map books, lotus flower books, slinky books and hardback sketchbooks.

The workshop was at The Old Printing Works, Thornton and was run by Marion Archibald.
We learned so much in the day and came home armed with books, paper and knowledge.

We over-ran the stated time, which was 10-4,  and still there wasn't enough time to make covers for each book, as you can see in this photo, but we have the know how now, to create our own.

The whole day's creations:

Turkish Map fold, which lays beautifully flat.

window accordion

Slinky artist book

Lotus flower book (hardback)

Hardbook sketchbook and card notebook.

Accordion books 

It was a fascinating and informative day. So many ways to create, with paper.
If you ever get a chance, go on a workshop, you'll love it!