Thursday 13 August 2015

A breath of fresh air...

How would you like a breath of fresh air?

Come along with me, pictorially, to where the air is clean and the sun shone on us.

Paddy surveys the campsite and passes it as suitable!

We have hills and sea close by

We have more hills and mountains a short distance away

and cobbled streets for Paddy to explore

and the view from the top of one hill, outstanding!

We were staying at Strathkinness, near St Andrews... and what a beautiful place Fife is. I could happily live there. You know how some places grab a hold of you - well, that place did it to me! Where my father came from in Eire - and where I returned to, every summer break, as a youth- was a village in the countryside, near to the sea. This took me back there, in my mind. Beautiful scenery, lovely people. Well worth going, if you ever get the chance.