Monday 24 November 2014

Leaves for Chloe update, some beautiful wood - and Paddy!

Good morning friends!

'Leaves for Chloe' has gone to the publisher!
With a fair wind behind us, it should be out for sale before Christmas.

The moment it is, I will let you know.

Hubby has been busy, turning wood.
He made this recently, as a wedding present.

and darling Paddy has been learning some hands free massage techniques!

My latest paintings are over on my gallery site HERE

I hope that you have a good week - I'm off to write some more to the third novel  - 'The House in the Leaves.'

Friday 14 November 2014

The kindness of friends.

I wanted to share some photographs with you, that show the kindness of friends.

My book, All in the Leaves, was published as an e-book (here) 
One of my friends, who makes gorgeous creations in clay, decided that she would make me a physical copy of my very first novel.

This is it - and what a wonderful gift it is.

All in the Leaves - a copy I can pick up, courtesy of Sara Mandel.

Thank you, Sara, for such a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

Saturday 1 November 2014

Reading books, reviewing books and a little break!

I love to read and do so frequently. So far this year I've read over 90 books.
Mostly they are read on my Kobo e-reader.
Because of this, and because I know how important reviews are to authors, I used to post my review of a book onto Goodreads. Kobo don't have that facility, or I've never found it.
Recently, I stopped doing so - after having had a few people contact me, demanding I read and review their book.

Hello! I am not a book blogger! Simply a girl who loves to read. So from now on, no more reviews, just a simple star rating.
In one way, that's done me a favour, because reviewing takes time.

Now, onto our little break.
We went up the country again, this time to Great Saling.
The weather was beautiful - sunny days at the tail end of October, simply fabulous.
Out by the picnic area I painted plein aire - and very soon had another join me, who was learning watercolour. We spent a good four hours with the brushes, me - in my own little way - teaching him some watercolour basics. It was great fun.

Here are some photos from the area. I hope you enjoy them.