Sunday 26 October 2014

Two Jack Russell Terriers, a tea party and a very special Home.

We had a tea party yesterday!

Food, fun and laughter shared with many friends.

You saw the little flags, yes? That logo gives you the clue why we held this tea party.

Both my darling Missy

and the delightful Paddy

 came from a very special Home. That home is Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

They took great care of both of our dogs, taking them both in after their owners had passed away and the relatives couldn't cope.
In Missy's case, they kept her safe for two years, until we came along to adopt her.
In Paddy's case, he was there for two months, before he came home with us.

Without Battersea's love of dogs, we would never have known and loved the darling Missy - nor have the opportunity to know and love the darling Paddy.

So this tea party was a thank you, a fundraising thank you - and the £470 raised on the day will help Battersea to care for more dogs, with as much love as they showed my two.

If you'd like to read about Battersea Dogs - and Cats - Home, please click HERE

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Paddy and The Mighty Cheese, a love story.

When we adopted Paddy we were told that he was a little insecure in some areas.
So we're trying to make life fun for him - and not so scary.

The grooming/vet table is one thing he was a little scared of, so out came The Mighty Cheese, various other tasty treats and a voice that said 'fun, fun, fun!'

Here in photos, is the story of Paddy and The Mighty Cheese

That scary table has eaten my cheese, leaving the duck and nibbles.

I need to take a closer look. Will it swallow me up too?

I'll eat a nibble first and see what happens.

I'm so brave! All four paws on the table and making my way to the darling cheese!

 I swallowed the Cheese. It's safe in my tum.

That was so scrummy and I'm so brave! I love Cheese.

I'm sitting here waiting for more lovely Cheese

I'll wait forever for my darling Cheese. Just chillin' til the next time.
and there, is how Paddy loved The Mighty Cheese more than he was scared of the table. We let him get up there in his own time - and it took about ten minutes. The second time he got up, it was SECONDS!

Monday 13 October 2014

Creative wood, a tea party and the handsome Paddy

A little while ago, I showed you some bowls that hubby had made in wood.

This weekend he made some more wooden items... a couple of yin-yang candle holders and another foot roller.

These are going to be sold off at a tea party we are going to host, in order to raise funds for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Battersea Dogs home is where we adopted our darling Missy from, and after she passed, we returned to adopt the handsome Paddy.

So, because of their great care for dogs, we decided to partake in the Ruff'n'Ready Tea Party, to raise some much needed funds. They are currently building new state-of-the-art kennel blocks, for the dogs' comfort.

Have you been to an afternoon tea party recently?
I wish that you were all close by, so you could come to ours! 

Monday 6 October 2014

A good deed - a happy experience and a support network.

Yesterday one of our neighbours moved out from our road.
They didn't want to leave, but the landlord had sold the house and given them notice. They had decided to self move and had hired a pantechnicon!
On the day, there were just two loading the van, so hubby and I went over to help.

In one of the coffee breaks we took, we were talking about what we might be doing if we weren't loading vans. I mentioned writing and painting - and then my neighbour announced he'd taken up writing for the last four weeks!
His friend who was helping, said he wrote too - and also created computer generated art. 

So we discussed grammar, punctuation, ideas, courses and websites!
We exchanged email addresses and will be sharing art and writing experiences.

So one good deed has led to an unexpected network of support, for all three of us.

If you had predicted that would happen on Sunday morning, I would have laughed. There we are, though, it actually happened. One of life's happy experiences.