Monday 14 September 2015

A new adventure begins

Hello friends - it's so long since I posted and so much has been happening!
Hubby has resigned from the college he used to work for  - and we've been advised to start legal action against them. I'm not saying any more about that, apart from the fact that because he's free of them, we are free to follow a long cherished dream.

We are moving further into the country!
We'll be surrounded by green fields and good friends. It's so exciting!
Of course I'll be off line for a while whilst the technical bods do what they have to, with phone and wifi .. but as soon as I'm back, I'll share some pics.

There's one pic here, and it'll give you a taste of what we'll be enjoying.

I'm looking forward to exploring, plus getting back to grips with my third novel.
See you all soon.