Wednesday 20 March 2013

After the Celebration

Monday was a hectic day for little Missy.
She had her adoption day celebration, new squeaky tennis balls to play with and then a visitor! She absolutely adores people - and tennis balls!
The visit lasted for about three hours.
Here's the aftermath! :)

I spent the quiet time tapping away on my netbook, writing some more to Book Two, in my Leaves series.
My plan is to have three books, which can all be read independently, or as a series. They should make sense, either way! That's the plan, anyhow.


  1. So glad Missy had such a lovely special day :)

  2. She is adorable Pat! Will you give her a big hug from me?xx

  3. I know exactly how Missy feels! LOL Glad she had such a great day.


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