Friday 15 March 2013

All in the Leaves - review two!

Here's another review from one of my early readers.
Its been so wonderful to know that others have enjoyed the story I've created.
Once the book has been edited properly, and the cover design settled, it will be going on sale, as an ebook. Later this year.

Review by Benzmum

All in the Leaves - Pat Elliott

Just wanted to say I have now finished reading the copy of It's All in The leaves that Pat has been sending me Chapter by Chapter  -  what a compelling read it is!
It makes you want to know more and more. It is wonderful its a story of love, of passion, of adversity, of heart ache, of joy, of friendship and of course there is a dog in the mix too along with a kitten friend.
I have already emailed to ask for book number 2!!
VERY WELL DONE Pat, I wish you every success publishing this as an e-book (do you publish e-books!??) xx


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