Saturday 9 March 2013

Most popular book cover

I'm delighted with how many people have expressed a preference on my book covers.
Not all of them have been on this blog, some have been face to face - imagine that! :)

I thought you might be interested to know that so far, this is the cover that seems to be the most popular as of Mother's Day weekend.

Whatever you're up to tomorrow, whether you celebrate Mother's Day or not, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Thanks again for all your interest and input.


  1. Mother's Day is the second sunday of May here. Good cover! Arianna

  2. Hello Pat,
    Looking from your list of possible cover of your book below, I also favor this one. Although I must say that all of them are beautiful. I like the colors and the clean composition of this one. Anyway,have a nice weekdays ahead.


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