Friday 1 March 2013

A special Friend

There's a very special dog friend who lives in Scotland and his name is Ben.
He's a staffordshire bull terrier cross, probably crossed with jack russell or whippet.
Missy thinks he's cross because he's not all jack russell! :)

anyway, a while ago, Ben suffered from sudden spinal injury and paralysis.
Glasgow Vet school were brilliant in seeing him through this awful spell in his life and they managed to get him up and going again.

His mum was so happy, that she made a website to show other owners that there is hope after sudden onset spinal injury.
That website is HERE

the website not only includes the journey to wellness, but the wedding of Ben's mum and dad and his glorious self in the pictures.
If you're a dog lover, its a wonderful story and website.

These two pencil portraits were my wedding gift to Lynne and Stuart.


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