Wednesday 27 February 2013

Wax on, wax off!

When you first start writing a novel, the goal is to finish it and you many think that finishing is the longest slog, especially when the book is about 100,000 words.
But after the finishing comes the editing. The idea of editing is to polish up the novel so that its the best it can be.
Its also to correct any spelling and grammatical mistakes that have crept in. Which they do, when you are concentrating on the writing and getting the story down.
This is the longest slog for me. The novel is written, now its the polishing.
I feel like the Karate Kid, who has to learn his 'wax on, wax off' routine, until the car is as shiny as it can be. The good thing is, along with the Kid, I'll be learning a skill that stands me in good stead for the next novel.
Will there be a next? Of course! I've already started writing book two and am ten thousand words in!

Now, back to book one. I was playing around with some covers for it too, in case I decide to go the self publish route. At the moment, all options are still open. 

Here are some of the cover options. I would love for you to tell me which, if any, would make you want to pick the book up. Don't be frightened to say 'none' if that is the truthful answer. :)

Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. I would pick up the first version Pat, but then that's just me > <

  2. I like the middle (and last one.) I think it's because the title doesn't obscure the book on the table and it makes me want to look inside! LOL

  3. Thanks, Ann.
    Number one is my fave of them all, but I'm still not sure the image is 'punchy' enough. xx

  4. Thanks, Robin. Now I've something else to consider - don't block the book! :lol:

  5. Pat - I favor #1. It catches my eye more than the others.


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