Sunday 17 February 2013

Forging ahead

Hubs and I are on holiday for a week, we've already been out, buying garden plants for me to make my little haven look as pretty as a picture.
We've bought a beautiful hellebore, a sweet smelling evergreen called sarcococca - or Christmas box. Some allium bulbs, a paeony and a bleeding heart.


I also picked up a book in a second hand store called 'Creative Editing- spot what's wrong with your writing before your editor does'.

Its the most wonderful book -  a little gem. Its already had me looking at certain parts of my book and thinking - this must change! Which in a way is a blessing, because I heard yesterday that I didn't make the winning five to be mentored. Perhaps in this writing journey I am being helped in a different way.
I am half way through the editing book, once I reach the end, I will apply what I've learned to have the best, most polished novel I can have. Once that's done, I'll look at sending out to agents.

Plans for the rest of the week include a rendezvous with a writing friend from my first course, lunch with another friend, another day - and garden haven planting! Whatever you're up to this week, have a fab one! x

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