Monday 4 February 2013

Why I write.

My earlier posts explained why I became a reflexologist and why I became a painter.

Today its the turn of writing.

When hubby was first diagnosed with the bad back, he became very depressed. Not just a blue mood, but full blown depression. Horrid for him, horrid for me.
A good friend who was a GP told me that I must develop some hobbies which would take me out of the house, because time away was precious. If I didn't do it, he predicted I too would be suffering from depression within six months.

Adult education classes were my great help. As I'd said before, friends and family fell by the wayside when hubs became ill. Classes were a great help when friends were few and far between. Classes were regular, once a week.

Even now, when hubs is better, I still browse the prospectus for new classes and if anything takes my fancy, I sign up!
Last year, creative writing short shories grabbed my attention.
In Feb 2012 I took the five week course. I loved it! My mind had free rein to create my own little world, on a page. There's nothing quite like it :)

In Nov 2012 came the Creative Writing Novel Writing course.
It ran for five weeks with the option of an extension if enough were interested. Sadly, only I was, so the extension class never ran.
However, the first had fired me up, the tutor was so complementary about my work, that I carried on writing. My novel writing began.

Making new worlds and fashioning new people is such fun!
Its hard to imagine now a life without writing. I'm not sure I want to :) 
My novel is a work of fiction loosely based on something that really happened. A young lady has her fortune told. The novel charts what happens next. There are funny moments, tearful moments and exciting times! The target word count is 100k.  I have less than ten thousand words to go, before the novel is finished.
Then it will need polishing before the big decision is made to seek an agent or self publish. That's a whole post on its own!

I'm so enamoured of writing, I can promise it won't be first and last - oh no!
Later on in the year, I will share some of my short stories, right here.

Until then, pick up a book and read someone else's imaginary world.


  1. Dear Pat:) I recognize a lot in your words. I had my own depression in 2003 and started to paint. It more orless saved my live! I'm so happy for you to find your lovely hobby's. You made me very curious about your writings. I'll wait for the first short story:) Hugxx

  2. Your book sounds very intriguing! Are you going to illustrate it too? That would be so cool!

  3. I'm sorry you have experienced depression first hand, Renate. Its a horrid thing, but I'm so glad painting pulled you through! When the story comes, I hope you enjoy it. xx

    Glad you think its intriguing, Robin. Its not going to be an illustrated book, so only the cover pic to look forward to :) xx

  4. Have you considered the Open University courses on Creative Writing, Pat?

    They start with very short courses and build up third year university degree level.

    I found them very enjoyable and they led to the publication of my poetry and short stories

  5. Thanks John - and I actually do have two modules of theirs!
    I found them very useful, but then the commercial courses were too :) xx


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