Friday 22 February 2013

Book Covers

Some days, all I feel like doing is 'playing.'

Hubs had sourced a new photo program called DigiKam so I set to, uploading my photos and designing book covers. It was great fun!

Here are a few - do you think I might have a future in design? :)
Or perhaps I ought to write the stories to match the covers.
Which do you prefer of the three? 


  1. I love them all Pat, couldn't choose between any of them. They would each tempt me to pick up the book and have a read :)

  2. I like the in-your-face-ness (ok, that's not a word) of the first and third Pat, that would grab my attention if they were displayed on a shelf between another 15 or 20 books. But when you put just the 3 of them in frot of me to study them, and they don't need to compete for attention, I think I like that the second one has more narrative to it, why did you align the text to the left in that one?

    You do realize that you already have to write 21 short stories, don't you? how long your to-do list can get before you start to feel the pressure? ^_^

  3. Thank you, Ann. I tried to make each of them attractive enough that you would want to pick them up. Glad they had that effect on you. x

  4. Thanks, Teresa.
    So 1 and 3 if they were surrounded by others. If not packed in, number 2?
    I aligned the top text left in that, purely because when I centred it, too much was partially obscured by the painting behind. Doing a staggered text alignment (left, middle, right) missed all the vital parts of the painting.
    I thought number one was the most in your face, so its surprised me that you said 3 too. Thanks for the feedback xx

  5. Beyond the Door! I want to know what the dog sees! ;) (You just might have stumbled onto a new vocation!)

  6. I agree with Teresa, one and three, and i really love the cropped rose in three. But, number 2, with the door cracked open, is intriguing too! Looks like you had fun!!

  7. They're all terrific, but because I love furry babies, my favorite is Beyond the Door:)


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