Tuesday 12 February 2013


Today is Shrove Tuesday and that means pancakes!

Well, it also means  the start of Lent, a preparation time for the coming of Easter.

But for today, its pancakes.

Here's one of my favourites, a painting from a photo of a pancake (crepe style) that I made from a recipe of James Martin's.

I prefer the crepe style of pancake - and the chocolate sauce was delicious.
How about you? Do you prefer thin or thick pancakes - and what is your favourite topping?


  1. I’ll definitely take your pancakes any day!

  2. One of my favorite meals: Pancakes. Once a week on the menu! My favorite topping is syrup. My husband likes sugar. I also like strawberry jellie. Mostly thin pancakes, somethimes very thick ones! You made me hungry!!!

  3. Oh, almost forgot...:) Beautiful painting. The chocolate looks so real!

  4. Syrup, sugar and strawberry jellie, Renate? I'm going to have to make some more pancakes to try them out :)


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