Sunday 10 February 2013

A little bit excited...

I'm a little excited..... my novel is finished!

Here on my desk is a completed novel - one hundred thousand words.

The writing of it has consumed me over the last few months, but every moment has been a pleasure and a revelation.

Creating a world populated with people who you've brought to life is a feeling like no other. I can see why people would write series, or sagas. Who would want to let go of these wonderful people, let them sail off to reader land, never to be seen again?

I'm so enamoured of the process, I've started on book two!

Book one will sit until after the selection of the Future Stars (see post below).
If I'm lucky enough to be chosen from the many entries, then I'm hoping the guidance received will help me edit and improve Book One.
If I'm not chosen, then I will look again at what needs to be done.

Until that moment, I'm enjoying the fact that I can see in front of me, twenty folders, each containing a chapter of my book.

It feels like quite an achievement.


  1. congratulations pat ..goodluck !

  2. Dear Pat - what an achievement - I hope you are celebrating. Also hope I get to read that book someday. Take care and God Bless.

  3. Congratulations! Way to go! Hope you're one of the winners!

  4. Congratulations, Pat. And heaps of luck. Am sure it must feel great just to be able to finish a project so close to your heart.

    Thanks a lot for sharing Spotty and Missy's story. Spotty was such an adorable girl. How on earth could anyone hit a 18 month old pup?!
    Missy is lucky to have you. Am sure she is such a happy girl because she knows full well how much she;s loved.

  5. Thanks, Jane. xx

    Thank you, Debbie - I hope you get to read it too! xx

    Thanks, Robin. I'm keeping my fingers crossed xx

    Thank you, Judy xx

    Thanks, Geetalima. It did feel good to finish it. I knew you'd enjoy the happy endings that both Missy and Spotty had. You love dogs as much as I do xx

  6. Wow I can't believe the book is finished! Can't wait to read it!!!xxx


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