Monday 25 February 2013

Innovation and another book cover

On Saturday, I watched a reflexology webinar on my computer.

What's a webinar? A web based seminar.
Instead of me travelling to the other end of the country for a reflexology training day, I could sit in the comfort of my own home, watching it live and interacting through a dedicated 'chat' box.

This is a marvellous innovation. It saved me driving for a few hundred miles and stopping overnight in a hotel.
Which means I've polluted the atmosphere less because I didn't use my car.
I also get the benefit of standing up to stretch, rather than sitting all day. I get to use my bathroom without missing great chunks of the lecture.
I even get to have lunch with hubby!
Are there any downsides? Of course. If you are doing a practical, its always helpful to have the lecturer there on the spot to put your hands in the correct position. But, I've been in practice for 16 years, so I should be able to see and understand hand placements.

The webinar lasted from 10am to 5pm, including breaks, so I wasn't really at the computer much for the rest of the weekend.

I did manage just the one book cover, which I did for my writing chum.
We met up at a local theatre for a chat over how we're progressing with our writing.
Here's the cover I designed for her. I hope this one too feels like you'd want to pick it up!


  1. Reminds me of a hot summer's day :)

  2. This 'webinar' sounds a complicated thing to start, you are obviously well into computer technology Pat...I can just about find the keyboard! Love the book cover you have designed for your friend. Yes, I would want to pick it up.

  3. Thanks, Glynis - it was meant to be a scorcher :) xx

  4. Not that complicated Ann, just a sit there, follow a link and watch the screen :)
    Yippee! Delighted you would want to pick up the book! xx

  5. I definitely want to pick this up!

  6. Hello Pat:) A beautiful bookcover! You can be very proud with it! Have a nice sunday:)xx


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