Monday 18 March 2013

Missy ... seventh celebration

Today is the anniversary of the day we adopted Missy!

Seven years ago today, she came into our lives and home.

She was loved when we adopted her, but that love has grown in depth in the ensuing years.
She's fifteen years old now, and as precious as can be.

Today, we'll do all the things she loves, just as we do every day. Walks, good food, a massage and some play. There'll be an occasional nap too, I'm sure.
Happy anniversary, darling Missy.
Thank you Battersea, for letting us adopt this little beauty!


  1. Happy anniversary, Missy! And to you too, Pat!

  2. Aww, Missy is so sweet. Give her lots of hugs from me on this special day :)

  3. Adorable and funny! Arianna


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